Discord Rules
1- No Spam or Flood: Users are not allowed to spam the chat with messages or type in all capital letters.

2- No Bashing or Heated Arguments: Avoid engaging in bashing or heated arguments with other members in the chat.

3- No Adult or Explicit Content: Posting adult (18+), explicit, or controversial messages is prohibited.

4- No Racism or Degrading Content: Users must refrain from posting racist or degrading content.

5- No Excessive Cursing: Excessive use of profanity or cursing is not allowed.

6- No Advertising: Advertising is not allowed unless you have permission to do so.

7- No Referral Links: Users should not post referral links.

8- No Begging or Repeatedly Asking for Help: Avoid repeatedly asking for help or asking basic questions in the chat, as this can lead to administrative action.

9- No Offensive Names: Offensive usernames are not permitted.

10- Bot Invitations: Inviting bots is only allowed with admin approval.
Unauthorized bot invitations will result in an instant ban.

11- No @ Everyone/@ Here Ping Without Permission: Users should not use the