Welcome to CoreSurvival, where we're all about that thrilling, tougher-than-vanilla survival experience without tipping into the realm of super-annoying hardcore gameplay. At Core, you'll find it's a breeze to gear up with civilian essentials, but if you're eyeing that top-tier military loot, you'll need to roll up your sleeves and embark on daring missions. Whether it's raiding convoys, scavenging heli crashes, or braving airdrops, the adrenaline-fueled hunt for rare gear is always on. With 15 dynamic survivor missions and a host of quality-of-life mods enhancing your gameplay, CoreSurvival offers the perfect balance of challenge and fun. Why wait? Dive into CoreSurvival today and experience survival gaming at its finest!

Quality Of Life Changes
1-Reworked Item Sizes, Adjusting the size and weight of items in the game can significantly impact gameplay.

2-Smersh Vest on the Belt Slot, This change likely allows players to utilize their equipment more efficiently.

3-View Inventory Animation, Implementing a visual animation for viewing inventory adds realism and immersion to the gameplay experience.

4-Combinable Items, The ability to combine -Bandages.Epoxy Putty,SewingKits,LeatherSewingKits,ElectricRepairKits,Gun CleaningKits,TireRepairKits,DuctTape,SharpeningStones,GardenLine and Fire Wood x6.

5-Ear Plugs, Ear plugs provide protection against loud noises, such as driving or explosions, reducing the risk of hurting players ears.

6-Tool Benches, Introducing tool benches enables players to store base building supplies easier.

7-Repair Benchs, Introducing repair benches enables players to repair their equipment more effectively.

8-Tire Racks, Tire racks could serve as a storage solution for vehicle parts, allowing players to organize and store spare tires more efficiently.

9-Improved Base Building, We have small doors,large doors and window barricades.

10-Continuous Repair on all items, This allows you to repair all items in 1 continuous animation.

11-Hundreds of retextured civilian and military clothing, This adds more variety to core survival.

+Much Much More.
Servers ModList

-@Code Lock


-@Dabs Framework


-@Dayz Editor Loader

Discord Rules
1- No Spam or Flood: Users are not allowed to spam the chat with messages or type in all capital letters.

2- No Bashing or Heated Arguments: Avoid engaging in bashing or heated arguments with other members in the chat.

3- No Adult or Explicit Content: Posting adult (18+), explicit, or controversial messages is prohibited.

4- No Racism or Degrading Content: Users must refrain from posting racist or degrading content.

5- No Excessive Cursing: Excessive use of profanity or cursing is not allowed.

6- No Advertising: Advertising is not allowed unless you have permission to do so.

7- No Referral Links: Users should not post referral links.

8- No Begging or Repeatedly Asking for Help: Avoid repeatedly asking for help or asking basic questions in the chat, as this can lead to administrative action.

9- No Offensive Names: Offensive usernames are not permitted.

10- Bot Invitations: Inviting bots is only allowed with admin approval.
Unauthorized bot invitations will result in an instant ban.

11- No @ Everyone/@ Here Ping Without Permission: Users should not use the
Monetization Rules
1-No Pay to Play Server!.

2-All Donations are final, no refunds!.

3-All items obtained through donation are for each player/group and have no impact on Gameplay!.

4-Donations go into the server to make it better!.

5-Priority Queue.

6-Discord Roles.

7-Custom Retextured Clothing.(it will also spawn in the open world)

8-Custom Retextured Flags.

9-Custom Nation flags.

10-Custom Retextured Knives.

11-Custom Retextured cars.(they will also spawn in the open world)

12-We are not affiliated in any way, shape or form with Bohemia

13-Please note, the items you have donated for may be revoked at any given time, if a rule break/ban occurs.