Quality Of Life Changes
1-Reworked Item Sizes, Adjusting the size and weight of items in the game can significantly impact gameplay.

2-Smersh Vest on the Belt Slot, This change likely allows players to utilize their equipment more efficiently.

3-View Inventory Animation, Implementing a visual animation for viewing inventory adds realism and immersion to the gameplay experience.

4-Combinable Items, The ability to combine -Bandages.Epoxy Putty,SewingKits,LeatherSewingKits,ElectricRepairKits,Gun CleaningKits,TireRepairKits,DuctTape,SharpeningStones,GardenLine and Fire Wood x6.

5-Ear Plugs, Ear plugs provide protection against loud noises, such as driving or explosions, reducing the risk of hurting players ears.

6-Tool Benches, Introducing tool benches enables players to store base building supplies easier.

7-Repair Benchs, Introducing repair benches enables players to repair their equipment more effectively.

8-Tire Racks, Tire racks could serve as a storage solution for vehicle parts, allowing players to organize and store spare tires more efficiently.

9-Improved Base Building, We have small doors,large doors and window barricades.

10-Continuous Repair on all items, This allows you to repair all items in 1 continuous animation.

11-Hundreds of retextured civilian and military clothing, This adds more variety to core survival.

+Much Much More.